Teaching The Elephant To Dance

By James A. Belasco, Ph.D.

"e;But, we've always done it that way."e; This is a warning sign, a symptom of impending disaster for any organization.Shackled, like powerful elephants, to the past, organizations rob themselves of the ingenuity required to meet new competitive challenges and escape the "e;re"e; dimension trap of "e;re-engineering, re-organization and re-structuring that concentrate on short term fixes rather than long term solutions.Teaching the Elephant to Danceis a practical, hands-on guide for creating the right change in any organization, large or small, corporate or governmental, manufacturing or service based. Filled with illuminating case studies, it shows how to devise new corporate visions and strategies... how to overcome inertia .. and how to form labor-management partnerships. Clear, authoritative, practical and inspiring, Teaching the Elephant to Dance provides a step-by-step guide for making the impossible happen.
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James A. Belasco, Ph.D.

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Publisher : Crown
Publication Date : Oct 10, 2012
ISBN-13 : 9780307818744