The Complete Idiot's Guide To Word Searc

By Matt Gaffney ()

Puzzles for all ages. Many people believe that working word puzzles improves concentration, vocabulary, and problem-solving skills. Teachers have been using them for years for this very reason. This book contains more than 300 puzzles on a variety of themes, many of them new. Each puzzle is 20 letters by 20 with a minimum of 25 words to discover, for hours of fun.
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About Author

Matt Gaffney

Matt Gaffney is a professional crossword puzzle constructor whose puzzles have appeared in New York Times, Washington Post, Newsday, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Slate, and Brill's Content. He is the author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Crossword Puzzles and Word Games.

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Number of Pages : 340
Publisher : DK
Publication Date : Apr 5, 2011
Weight : 525.00g
Sku : 9781615640812
Dimension : 19 x 188 x 231(mm)