The Filipino Family Cookbook

By Angelo Comsti

Bestselling cookbook author and food writer Angelo Comsti follows up his bestselling book From Our Table To Yours: A Collection of Filipino Heirloom Recipes and Family Memories with another treasury of dishes deeply rooted in the culture and history of the Philippines.

Together with food historian Felice Prudente Sta. Maria, restaurateurs Robby Goco and Gaita Fores, notable writers Nana Ozaeta and Jin Perez, and 35 other prominent figures in the local food industry, Angelo gathers time-honoured dishes that hail from the various regions of the country and presents the richness of Filipino cuisine in The Filipino Family Cookbook: A Treasury of Heirloom Recipes and Heartfelt Stories.

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About Author

Angelo Comsti

Ever since he first started going into the food business back 2008, Angelo Comsti has had his finger in too many pies. Still, he manages to do all of them pretty well. He is a food writer, having written for television and various periodicals, both print and digital; and a food and prop stylist, having produced delicious works for magazines, TV and print ads, billboards, restaurant menus and bestselling cookbooks. On occasion, he develops recipes for corporate clients and food magazines as well as holds cooking demonstrations. He also has a regular FM radio spot called Radio Brunch on Manilau2019s Wave 89.1 where he talks about all things food.

Angelo finished professional culinary studies at Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney, Australia. He is the author of the bestselling From Our Table to Yours: A Collection of Filipino Heirloom Recipes and Family Memories and lives in Manila, Philippines

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Publisher : Marshall Cavendish International (Asia)
ISBN-13 : 9789814634946