The Pocket Book of Mindfulness: Inspiring thoughts for everyday life

By Jane Maple

Many people feel alienated by the modern life. This book aims to help readers free themselves of anxiety by inspiring them to live in the present moment and forget all the pressures attached to thinking too much about the past and the future.
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About Author

Jane Maple

Jane Maple is a writer living in Eastbourne, Sussex. She grew up in Rye and began to study the teachings of Zen monk Thich Naht Hahn two decades ago. She believes that we can all break free from the usual reactive programming we are subjected to and look at situations which we all face in life more objectively.

Product Details
Binding : Paperback / softback
Number of Pages : 320
Publisher : Arcturus
Publication Date : Mar 15, 2019
Weight : 406.00g
ISBN-13 : 9781789501032
Dimension : 152 x 152(mm)