The Reputation Game: The Art of Changing How People See You

By Rupert Younger, David Waller

It's a game you're already playing, whether you like it or not. You can choose to ignore it and remain at the mercy of what others say about you, or you can take the time to learn how it works. For those who do the potential benefits are unlimited. Through pioneering research and interviews with a host of major figures ranging from Jay-Z and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman to Bernie Madoff and Man Booker prize-winning Hilary Mantel, Waller and Younger reveal the key mechanisms that make and remake our reputations, providing the essential guide to the most important game in business and in life.
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About Author

Rupert Younger

David Waller is a partner in a global consulting firm, where he specializes in strategic communications for global companies, financial institutions and governments. He is a former Financial Times journalist and the author of several well-reviewed business and history books. Rupert Younger co-founded global consulting firm Finsbury and is founder director of the University of Oxford's Centre for Corporate Reputation, a world leader in reputation research.

David Waller

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