The Scavenger’S Scheme

By Tiffany Lim

Welcome to Avril’s Emporium, the greatest store on Earth and a cabinet of curiosities that just happens to be a portal between the human world and spirit realm. When Avril, the Emporium’s whimsical shopkeeper, identifies himself as the Spirit of April Fool’s Day, he selects Hannah as his first human Apprentice. In this latest epic adventure, Hannah learns that being the April Fool’s Apprentice isn’t all fun and games. Together with Avril, the Spirit of April Fool’s Day, Hannah would encounter a dangerous villain, and come face-to-face with her greatest challenge yet. When a crafty pickpocket discovers Avril’s Emporium, he aims to use its enchanted powers against the Human World, as well as the Spirit Realm. Together with an unlikely ally, Hannah and Avril must confront this dangerous villain in order to save their worlds. However, can they stop his nefarious scheme before it’s too late?
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Tiffany Lim

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Number of Pages : 112
Publication Date : May 18, 2001
Weight : 150.00g
ISBN-13 : 9789814794916
Dimension : 215 x 135(mm)