The The Intelligent Work Book: A visual guide to sorting out life and work

By Kevin Duncan

As working environments develop through new 21st century structures, the problems and difficulties they face also become even more complex and difficult to understand, explain and resolve. The ways in which we express these processes are now patterned through a mixture of wording and imagery; diagrams and charting which help to explain trends and visualise long-term sustainable goals. From thinking, doing, working, planning and prioritizing, through to presenting, selling, negotiating, progressing in your career, or just plain fooling around, this highly practical book provides effective tools and guidelines to help anyone who wants to be more efficient and outstanding. After the runaway success of The Diagrams Book, Kevin Duncan returns to combine his experience and expertise into an interactive visual guide. A guide to assess your competency to problem-solving and challenge you to further construct new ideas through visual and diagrammed solutions, for greater improvements in all sectors of life.
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About Author

Kevin Duncan

Kevin Duncan is a business advisor, marketing expert and author. He is the author of several bestselling business books, including The Diagrams Book (LID) and The Ideas Book (LID).

Product Details
Binding : Hardback
Number of Pages : 128
Publisher : LID Publishing
Publication Date : Mar 26, 2020
Weight : 227.00g
ISBN-13 : 9781912555703
Dimension : 180 x 120(mm)