The Write Way Primary 5

By Tay Eng Hiang

A resource for teachers and parents to help their pupils and children develop anenthusiasm for writing. Based on the latest syllabus, the series aims to build pupils’ skills in writing based on picture stimuli – a new requirement in the English examinations. Teachers will be able to use these books to help develop pupils’skills in generating and writing interesting texts basedon a variety of picture stimuli. Through a combination of picture, word and question prompts, this series motivates learners at each part of the writing process. Each exercise focuses on generating, articulating,arranging, organising, editing and revising ideas to form a coherent piece of writing.
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Tay Eng Hiang

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Publisher : Marshall Cavendish Education
Publication Date : Jan 1, 2014
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ISBN-13 : 9789810198220
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