The Yummiest Cupcake

By Leila Boukarim

Alex loves cupcakes. He loves to bake them, he loves to ice them, and most of all, he loves to eat them! But there is one thing Alex doesn't like. He is only ever allowed one. That's the rule. Just one cupcake. When Alex can’t decide which cupcake to choose on his birthday, it seems like nothing is going his way... until he gets home to find a wonderful birthday surprise! A sweet story about passion and perseverance from the creators of Hello, Goodbye Little Island and A Warm Christmas.
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About Author

Leila Boukarim

Leila Boukarim was born in Lebanon, raised in several countries, and now lives in Singapore. In every one of her homes, sheu2019s always found peace in the kitchen, measuring and mixing ingredients that magically turn into beautiful, fluffy cakes in the oven. No matter how old she gets, Leila still struggles with the u201cone cupcakeu201d rule..

About the Illustrator

Barbara Moxham was born in Munich, raised in Sydney and currently calls Singapore home. She has an insatiable sweet tooth and an incurable book addiction, so illustrating a book about cupcakes was a sugary delight for her. The Yummiest Cupcake is the sixth book she has illustrated and is by far the most delicious.

Product Details
Number of Pages : 32
Weight : 350.00g
ISBN-13 : 9789814841283
Dimension : 255 x 210(mm)