By Marshall, Kate Alice ()

Eleanor has just moved to the quiet, prosperous Eden Eld. When she awakes to discover an ancient grandfather clock that she's never seen before outside her new room, she's sure her eyes must be playing tricks on her. But then she spots a large bird, staring at her as she boards the school bus. And a black dog with glowing red eyes follows her around town. And worse—no one else can see them. Except for her new friends, Pip and Otto. The only other clue they have about these supernatural disturbances is a book of fairytales unlike any they've read before. It tells tales of the mysterious Mr. January, who struck a cursed deal with the town's founders. Every thirteenth Halloween, he will take three of their children, who are never heard from again. It's up to our trio to break the curse—because Eden Eld's thirteen years are up. And Eleanor, Pip, and Otto are marked as his next sacrifice.
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Marshall, Kate Alice

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Number of Pages : 256
Publisher : Viking BFYR
Publication Date : Aug 3, 2021
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