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Speak It, Sparkies at Happy Sparks

Catch the adorable sparkies in our public speaking competition just for primary school kids!

Kode It, Sparkies at Happy Sparks

Guess which team emerged the champion in our coding competition at Happy Sparks?

Happy Sparks!

Parents forum, workshops, activities and lots of goodies for the family. What did you miss?

Tan Mui Jin on creating a space for kids

Giving kids the space and time to be kids.

Dawn Sim on the importance of self-care

Take care of yourself for your kids.

Full STEAM Ahead

Mark your calendar for an experiential learning journey at Happy Sparks 2018.

Susanne Ng On Making Chiffon Cakes Her Passion

The home baker explains the challenges of baking around her children’s schedules.

Amutha Saravanan on Finding Purpose In What You Do

How to figure out if you should be an entrepreneur.

Grace Clapham Takes Motherhood One Step At A Time

Find out how the co-founder of The Change School and new mum juggles business with bringing up a baby.

Story Time with Neil Humphreys at Marina Square

Check out what went down during the Christmas weekend at our Story Time with Neil Humphreys!

Elizabeth Wu On the Myth Of Work-Life Balance And “Having It All”

In the first in our ‘Mumpreneur Series’, the mother-of-three speaks to us about making time for herself and why she thinks work-life balance doesn’t exist.

Marshall Cavendish Education E-Books

Find out more about Marshall Cavendish Education E-Books.

Story Time with Neil Humphreys at Westgate

An interactive storytelling session with the author of the Abbie Rose series.

Jeff Kinney in Singapore

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid author talks about childhood, his sources of inspiration, and his advice for budding writers.

Wimpy Kid Adventure

Fun, games, prizes and lots of love for Wimpy Kid and author Jeff Kinney at our GoGuru event.

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