What Every Parent Needs to Know

By Margot Sunderland

An essential read for any parent, Dr Sunderland's bestselling What Every Parent Needs To Know explains what science can teach us about parenting. Covering everything from breastfeeding to brain development, this brand new edition includes the latest thinking on how screen time affects your child's brain, and a focus on how love, nurture, and play contribute to your child's development. With a wealth of fascinating chapters including 'sleep and bedtimes' and 'why children behave badly', What Every Parent Needs To Know is the ultimate handbook for parents who want to make evidence-based decisions about how to care for their child. In What Every Parent Needs To Know, Dr Sunderland's acclaimed ideas explain the science behind parenthood, once again securing the title as the greatest educational book for parents of children up to 12 years old. Previous edition ISBN: 9781405320368.
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About Author

Margot Sunderland

Dr Margot Sutherland is Director of Education and Training at The Centre for Child Mental Health London, Honorary Visiting Fellow at London Metropolitan University, and a child psychologist with over thirty years' experience of working with children and families. Dr Sunderland is the author of over twenty books.

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Binding : Hardback
Number of Pages : 304
Publisher : DK
Publication Date : Jul 1, 2016
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