What's the Point of Maths?


You may not realize it, but maths controls just about everything in our world. From cracking codes to winning game shows, from predicting comets to solving crimes, this unique book reveals where our most important maths ideas came from (you'll be surprised!). It might change your mind about maths forever! What's the Point of Maths? explains really simply how essential maths ideas work and identifies the extraordinary things you can do with them. It's full of crazy facts, magic tricks, and mathematical brainteasers, along with beautiful illustrations that bring maths to life. It will amuse and entertain even the most reluctant of maths students. From measuring a pyramid to becoming a trillionaire, this book is perfect for those who need some inspiration when it comes to numbers - in the classroom and in the real world. You'll find out why an hour has 60 rather than 100 minutes, what it takes to catch a cheat, and how maths keeps our secrets safe. Hands-on "Try it out" examples show readers how to solve everyday maths challenges, while colourful and uncluttered illustrations throughout make mathematical explanations easy to grasp in seconds.
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Binding : Hardback
Number of Pages : 128
Publisher : DK Children
Publication Date : Jan 2, 2020
Weight : 736.00g
ISBN-13 : 9780241343524
Dimension : 283 x 224 x 15(mm)