Wistech Japan Surgical Mask (thick Earloop)

HSA Registered Class A Medical Device. HSA

License No: ES0501184
helps prevent dust, bacteria and dangerous diseases through inhalation effectively.

Model: Surgical Facemask 3 Ply
Classification: 3 Ply EN14683:2019 Type II
FDA Registration Device D201046 KHA
Technical Description:
BFE ≥ 99%
Thin & light multi-layer design
Substantial breathing area
Flexible & Foldable Design
for secure fit
Comfortable and
Highly compatible with other protective equipment
FDA & CE approved
Made in China

Directions of use:
Place the face mask over nose and mouth
Tie the bottom straps around the base of skull tightly to get a snug fit over the chin
Pull bottom of medical face mask under chin
Shape nose bridge around the nose
Discard appropriately after use

Status: Available for Purchase
USD 15.76
Product Details
Weight : 280.00g
Dimension : 205*115*130(mm)