Writing Practice P5 小学华文习字本 P5

By Nanyang Primary School

根据最新的教材编写,适合一年级到六年级学生,收录课文识写字和生词,并附上汉语拼音和笔顺。提供短句帮助学生掌握字词运用,认识基本句式,附笔画名称、笔顺规则、偏旁部首表等供学生参考。五、六年级附“乐写善用”活动, 刺激学生思维,巩固字词运用。 These books allow pupils to master the stroke order of key words found in their textbook. Vocabulary and short sentences are included for extended reading. Short exercises are also provided at the end of each lesson to consolidate learning.
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